Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day?

I'll start by saying, yes, I am single right now and no I am not bitter. I think that people should show there love 365 days a year not once a year. So why do we need a day that says we have to show our love. I have enjoyed amazing valentine days with and without a man. I think that some women put way too much into the day~ I hear them cry about being single on that day. Well -hell - if you are single you single...Doesn't change because its valentine's day. I mean seriously?
Yesterday I had an amazing day with my (wait for it....) single girls...Yup we went out in public and didn't stay home and cry into our pillows. I know shocking isn't it, I mean how dare we? We had a blast! Doing what we do best any day of the year~ Enjoying our lives!
I feel for those people who put too much emphasis on such a hallmark holiday and miss out on so much. My Dad said it best to my Mom, He said "I will show you love every day besides valentines, because it shouldn't only be done on one day".
Now I love decorating for every holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc) and the Red, Pink and Purple decor is fabulous! So maybe I just like to celebrate the decorations. :)
So I say to all of you out there: Show your love to your self, your family and friends and your significant other ~ EVERY day of the year not just the one day Hallmark tells you to!

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