Friday, February 19, 2010

A feeling

Sometimes I get that feeling of missing something in my life. It's an emptiness that is indescribable. I'm happy in my life for what it's worth. I am blessed with an amazing mom and wonderful friends. Even though I'm single, I can't complain about that part of my life either. So where's this feeling of doom coming from? I walk around with it in the back of my head, lingering- even if I'm having a blast, it's still there. I wish I could figure out what it means and solve the mystery...


Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day?

I'll start by saying, yes, I am single right now and no I am not bitter. I think that people should show there love 365 days a year not once a year. So why do we need a day that says we have to show our love. I have enjoyed amazing valentine days with and without a man. I think that some women put way too much into the day~ I hear them cry about being single on that day. Well -hell - if you are single you single...Doesn't change because its valentine's day. I mean seriously?
Yesterday I had an amazing day with my (wait for it....) single girls...Yup we went out in public and didn't stay home and cry into our pillows. I know shocking isn't it, I mean how dare we? We had a blast! Doing what we do best any day of the year~ Enjoying our lives!
I feel for those people who put too much emphasis on such a hallmark holiday and miss out on so much. My Dad said it best to my Mom, He said "I will show you love every day besides valentines, because it shouldn't only be done on one day".
Now I love decorating for every holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc) and the Red, Pink and Purple decor is fabulous! So maybe I just like to celebrate the decorations. :)
So I say to all of you out there: Show your love to your self, your family and friends and your significant other ~ EVERY day of the year not just the one day Hallmark tells you to!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Cell Phone

Today I am going to just say it - i am addicted to my cell phone. Urgh! I have an iPhone and last night i plugged it into my computer to update the information and also to sync my new purchases. Suddenly I notice the screen stating "restoring" - WTF! So of course, I panic, I unplug the phone from the computer - thinking its just gonna stop... HAH! If you have an iPhone- you know nothing is ever that easy with these phones. I was now looking at a screen with a USB plug stating Itunes on it. Couldn't shut it down, couldn't get it to stop - it just sat there in my view, if it could have I'm sure it would have been laughing at me. I plug back in and now I am getting a message of "fatal error" please restore to factory settings. NOOOOO I am gonna lose everything. Ok so now I calmly do a quick Itunes help search. And of course, it just confirms my worst fears- must restore to fix issue. Now my head is spinning- when was the last time i backed up - what if i can't get to my contacts- what if i lost my pics- what will i be missing??? Oh the questions... So i have no other choice but to start from scratch. I connect the phone and almost at the verge of a tear falling, I hit restore. I now watch as my phone (over 2 years old) is suddenly back to the original factory settings. I had a moment of great sadness. Now I am praying that I have not lost everything and that most of it will pop back into place when i sync'd with last week's information. So now I take a deep breathe and try to sync everything. Of course, it wasn't that simple. No - now i have to sync each tab and the dang phone keeps shutting down before it is completely sync'd. So i have to unplug, get the phone to stop syncing so i can reconnect and start over. Of course I have over 500 songs to download and 400 plus pics and lets not forget contacts, calendar, notes, applications... it is taking forever! I am finally done about 4 hours later. So now to access the losses..... Seems i have lost an entire album and about $12 worth of application uploads that never saved onto my computer BUT the majority of my stuff is saved. Ohhh and of course I lost my newest notes, my texts, and my webbrowsing favs- which surprise surprise I do not have saved anywhere.. Oh well... I am hoping that now my cell phone will have a positive and start working better! :) Always end on a positive note.

What i have discovered after all this is: "Hello My name is Lisa and I can not live with out my cell phone". LOL

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sixteen Candles

Tonight, I am home chillaxing (yup def in 2010) watching one of my fav movies of all times Sixteen Candles. I swear I watched this movie a 1000 times always hoping to find my own Jake Ryan. You know the guy you swore you could never get - that would come sweep you off your feet. Oh yeah, that's the one. The one who would make it all better, just because he smiled at you. I loved Molly Ringwald because she was just an average girl (not the perfect girl with the perfect body type). Instead she was the one who anyone could relate to and yet she ends up with the guy every damn time! LOL Now we know its all make-believe because I can't remember the last time the average girl won out over the "perfect" girl. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the "perfect" looking girl. I'm just saying MAYBE if guys looked beyond the magazine check-list, they could really find some amazing women. Ones that they would see not just outer beauty but inner beauty as well. And let's just be honest for the other side too. How many men are a Jake Ryan, I mean seriously? We all have our demons, it just depends on how you look at each other. I am happy to say that I am part of the sex that can look beyond and fall in love with someone for the potential she knows is in there.
And I am hoping to find my own Jake Ryan one day
 ~ not the perfect guy ~
but the one that fits me perfectly!