Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Cell Phone

Today I am going to just say it - i am addicted to my cell phone. Urgh! I have an iPhone and last night i plugged it into my computer to update the information and also to sync my new purchases. Suddenly I notice the screen stating "restoring" - WTF! So of course, I panic, I unplug the phone from the computer - thinking its just gonna stop... HAH! If you have an iPhone- you know nothing is ever that easy with these phones. I was now looking at a screen with a USB plug stating Itunes on it. Couldn't shut it down, couldn't get it to stop - it just sat there in my view, if it could have I'm sure it would have been laughing at me. I plug back in and now I am getting a message of "fatal error" please restore to factory settings. NOOOOO I am gonna lose everything. Ok so now I calmly do a quick Itunes help search. And of course, it just confirms my worst fears- must restore to fix issue. Now my head is spinning- when was the last time i backed up - what if i can't get to my contacts- what if i lost my pics- what will i be missing??? Oh the questions... So i have no other choice but to start from scratch. I connect the phone and almost at the verge of a tear falling, I hit restore. I now watch as my phone (over 2 years old) is suddenly back to the original factory settings. I had a moment of great sadness. Now I am praying that I have not lost everything and that most of it will pop back into place when i sync'd with last week's information. So now I take a deep breathe and try to sync everything. Of course, it wasn't that simple. No - now i have to sync each tab and the dang phone keeps shutting down before it is completely sync'd. So i have to unplug, get the phone to stop syncing so i can reconnect and start over. Of course I have over 500 songs to download and 400 plus pics and lets not forget contacts, calendar, notes, applications... it is taking forever! I am finally done about 4 hours later. So now to access the losses..... Seems i have lost an entire album and about $12 worth of application uploads that never saved onto my computer BUT the majority of my stuff is saved. Ohhh and of course I lost my newest notes, my texts, and my webbrowsing favs- which surprise surprise I do not have saved anywhere.. Oh well... I am hoping that now my cell phone will have a positive and start working better! :) Always end on a positive note.

What i have discovered after all this is: "Hello My name is Lisa and I can not live with out my cell phone". LOL

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