Sunday, April 25, 2010

What if?

Did u ever play the question game What If? I know I have a few times and more importantly I think I play that game in my life way more often than I should. I find myself looking back wondering What If all the time. I look at my life, my friends' lives and my family's lives and wonder:

What if I had stayed with him?
What if i had married him?
What if I had looked past the bad and stayed for the good?
What if my brother had stayed in Australia?
What if I had moved to San Diego?
etc, etc, etc

I hear people say not to look back BUT I think we should look back and learn from our past. We should remember all the reasons we did what we did. Not to look at the negative, but instead look at the positives we can take away and learn from. I will face my demons head on and I will show them that even when life is tough I will still succeed! I still believe in fate and destiny and I know this time is not my destiny. There is still so much more to come! Hopefully my future will be even better than my past.

And on a side my friends who discussed Karma with me.. thank you- i still believe in it- just have to remember Karma is on its own schedule, not mine, right ;)

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  1. Oh sweety - I love it!

    What if we'd never met through a mutual friend? Then my life would've been a whole lot less happy. Love ya!!