Friday, March 12, 2010

Hats on my mind...

So this upcoming Monday I'm supposed to go to a Mad Hatter party and of course if I go I have to find the perfect hat to wear.

So I started thinking about Hats.

I use to collect hats when I was a kid, I have a collection of some really crazy hats- some purchased back in the day when they had the actual Mad Hatter store at Disney. I came across a box of them just recently when I was cleaning out some storage containers. I had completely forgot that hobby until then. Now I wear an occassional college baseball cap or visor, when I'm having a bad hair day or gonna be at the beach for a while.  And when it's super cold I have a few ski hats. But rarely do I wear a hat now-a-days. And of course all my years of theatre also offered me an array of hats to wear. Hats are great- they say so much without actually saying a thing. They are a way of  becoming someone else.

Once upon a time, it was proper ettiquette to wear a hat out in public and now we only wear them if we feel like it. A man in a hat shows such presence and yet we rarely see that today. Women looked so sophisticated and pulled together. Now if I were to wear one of those ladylike hats, people would think I was heading to a costume party. Then it was customary to wear hats to weddings- I love that!

Now it seems the only time, outside of Halloween, is the Kentucky Derby~ where everyone wears a hat, even better they try to outdo each other to have the BEST hat! I hope one time in my life to head out to those races and try out my own fabulous hat.

So I am looking forward to finding a sexy fedora to sport to my Mad Hatter Party and enjoy an evening of Hats Galour!

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