Friday, March 26, 2010

Bumble Bee?

I love my Mom and she always gives me such a laugh.

This week was no different.

We were sitting at an outdoor restaurant and there was a single bumble bee flying up to us and our food. We start discussing Bumble Bees and she mentions something about the "bumble bee song" - thats on the radio now-a-days. And I have no clue what she is talking about. So I am now trying to figure out what song she speaks of? My first thought is the kids song "baby bumble bee" - she's like "no, its on the pop stations". So my next thought is maybe she means "fireflies" by Owl City. Nope...Hhhmmm

Next day, we are at dinner with friends and the question is re-addressed. Have you heard of the "bumble bee" song on the radio? Nope same situation - same songs are thought of.

On my way to work this morning, I put on the radio and the first song I hear is: "Imma Be" by the Black Eyed Peas...and it hits me- THIS IS THE SONG MY MOM HEARD. LMAO At the same time my friend from the night before texts to say - she has figured out its that song too.  Of course, I called my mom and she agrees thats the song. Of course she still thinks the song is about a Bumble bee even though she has heard it a 100 plus times. She hasn't paid much mind to the lyrics.

LOL- in the end it just proves that each generation has its own language. "Imma Be" and "Im a bee" to my mom are one in the same. Of course even their cover shows a BEE so maybe she isn't that far off.

And that's why i never have to be bored when my mom is around.

Love ya Mom <3

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  1. Oh your Mom is soo cute! :) Love the story, witchy!