Friday, January 29, 2010

Writing from the Beach

Ahhh the beach... The one place that always makes sense to me. Doesn't everyone have one of those special places? Mine has always been the beach. Growing up a beach bum, it was the place! I fell in love with sand, snorkeling, surfing, boys, (my first romantic kiss), and most importantly peace. It's also the place now that I feel the closest to my dad. He is one with that ocean. I like to believe that the inner quiet I feel sitting watching the waves roll in is because he is closer to me at that moment then ever since he's been gone. I close my eyes and I can see him, feel him and hear him - telling "Missy, everything will be alright". It's so magical ~ that today I sit here never wanting to go back to my reality. I want to stay looking out at the ocean, feeling the sand between my toes and the calm forever. No one chasing me down for money, no stress, no worry - just me and that ocean.

~ Lis

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